Your Lache:
A Future Vision and Masterplan

LDA Design have been leading a team of consultants who have been working closely with Cheshire West and Chester Council to help the local community and stakeholders in the Lache Ward to articulate a “Vision” and Masterplan for the area.

The Vision and Masterplan, developed through engagement activities with local people, is described in this report and has resulted in a series of actions and potential projects aimed at helping to transform the neighbourhood positively in the future.

The Masterplan should be used to help focus investment and development, as well as raise the aspiration and expectation of those living in Lache by providing clear opportunities to become involved and drive projects forward as community-led initiatives and to hold those accountable who are responsible for the delivery of other projects.

“Lache in the future is a vibrant place with an active and engaged community, where people help each other and can get the help
they need. Regular events and activities bring people of all ages together in buildings and spaces which are attractive, fit for purpose and well looked after.

It is connected and accessible to all, where young people can safely walk to school or the park, adults can access education and local jobs while the less able can easily get around.

The surroundings are green and biodiverse, creating a healthy environment which is resilient to climate change, where people are active, and nature can flourish.

Above all it is a distinctive, beautiful neighbourhood that people are proud to call home.”

Our Masterplan

Our Masterplan identifies a series of opportunities and possible interventions which will help to deliver the Vision and Objectives (opposite). The potential projects ranges from environmental improvements, new developments, re-purposing of sites and buildings and community activities.

Get Involved

The report articulates a vision for the future of Lache that is based on community and stakeholder engagement. Delivery of the projects within this vision will need sufficient public sector and private sector funding being identified. Certain projects will also require site acquisition or landowner partnership. The content of the Plan may be subject to change following further community engagement and detailed design.

There will be further meetings and opportunities for feedback on this Vision. To be added to the distribution list to receive information on the next stage or send in any feedback, please use the link below.